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Born in 1978 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Ziplok has always had a passion for music. Growing up in the suburbs in Hudson for 20 years was enough time for Ziplok to know that breaking out in the music world would take a different approach so in 2000 Ziplok moved to Clearwater Florida. For 4 years in Florida Ziplok recorded hundreds of different artists and learned how to use all the equipment at Sam Ash Music and recorded thousands of different songs and produced hundreds of different HIPHOP and R&B beats. In 2005 Ziplok moved back to New Hampshire to take care of personal business and now resides there currently. Also in 2005 Ziplok releases his first EP in stores such as Palmers, White Hen Pantry, 7-11 and basically every mom and pop store in New Hampshire. With small distribution and not enough productivity on the CDs Ziplok added the internet to increase popularity. In May 2006 Ziplok hooks up his first internet connection and starts mp3 distribution online. That same year Ziplok signs up to over 50 sites and in 2007 signs up to over 100 more sites as well as starts the company Ziplok Productions which is a recording and promotion based company. Also in 2007 Ziplok Productions became responsible for spreading out Grammy award winning BangOut all over the internet as well as Bad Boy Records recording artist Poppa Sim. In 2008 Ziplok had the pleasure of uploading and promoting the artists Rob Base and the Legendary group Furious 5 as well as putting accounts together for Boston Massachusetts #1 HipHop sensation Sullee, The Bay Area in California's #1 DJ, DJ King Assassin, and the most watched rappers on the internet digiatlly working with 1 time DTP member Serius Jones and current Ruff Rhyder member Murda Mook. Ziplok Productions also promotes for Legendary Flipmode Squad member Rampage, UTD member D.c.Q and many more hit artists. Ziplok has had the oppurtunity to work with great artists like Ru Spits, Poppa Sim, Den.10 and Lady Luck on current or past projects. The "Internet Fire" lp was released in 2007 digitally and in 2009 look for "Digital Fire" to be released soon. Check out the music on all the sites on the internet such as myspace, youtube, facebook, vimeo, myyearbook, reverbnation, ning, and google Ziplok because you will see Ziplok on thousands of sites on the internet. You can buy Ziplok on iTunes, amazon, rhapsody, napster or any site you can purchase your favorite music at.
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